Dean K Holden

Folding the days without getting creases

The Turning Of Page

The passing of a Monarch has represented different things to different folks. I did find it interesting how many found themselves attached to someone who some might have felt illustrated elitism, privilege, power and phenomenal wealth. If we are also attached to creating ‘normal’ in order to feel safe then we are more liable to require icons that rise above our familiar landscape — not only the wealthy and powerful but the famous too, people who have created lives out of engaging in activities that we dare not.

Within ‘normal’, familiarity rules which means not only are we easily attached but also when change comes it can become quite overwhelming as we don’t let go easily, one of the reasons our collective progress towards a higher form of consciousness can be a long and complex road.

No matter, a page has been turned and not just a physical one as there was a representation of a way of life and value system that will now find adjustment in a successor, as each generation brings to the table a more expansive viewpoint than the previous one. It’s part of the mechanism of evolvement, the wheel of life continuing to turn.
I have a sense that this particular succession’s term will not be a long one and the generation then to come will exert the greatest influence, even though I have a feeling it will be the last before the system itself will face radical change.

Perhaps this has all come about when we as a collective are preparing ourselves for great change too, perhaps be readying ourselves to relinquish control of how we previously saw the world in which we have journeyed far. Am I willing to let go of who I thought I was so I can become more available to perceive who I really am? For it's only in surrender that possibility can really flourish.

I feel that there are always greater perspectives than those that appear obvious and the further back we stand the more those wider observations appear to be connected to others until we reach that place where it is hard to perceive anything as separate.

The terrible conflict that is happening in the East born out of one man’s obsession for control regardless of the cost to human life — I find myself thinking that we have seen these regional conflicts before and yet this time it seems to affect us on quite a deep level. Could this be because we have evolved enough to see the futility of war and the governmental systems that allow for one man’s madness to have free rein.

The tide appears to be turning and it may not be just because of the skills and dedication of those fighting to drive the aggressors from their land but also because those that were commanded to invade struggle to see the value in it and lose cohesion. As this war has reached so many of us and we send light and positive thought to those defending their lands, perhaps we are also playing a part and such energies we project are turning the defenders into super soldiers.

Could it be also that some in the invading armies who could not put down the darkness they carried have found exit points where they now go to places of the kind of density that resonates with that until they are able to observe their own process.

And could this be a vehicle in which the citizens of these oppressed nations controlled by a few finally rise up to bring about the change that will allow a more balanced and compassionate society that is free to express and to grow to contribute to the whole.

In the bigger picture perhaps some disasters were not just random but an opportunity that people gave their lives for so the world could see itself in a different way? For instance, a princess who met a tragic end but surprisingly affected women all over the world by invoking an aspect of the feminine principle. There are always events, always tragedies which don’t diminish the suffering, but can offer insights to wider stories that might also be at work.

We also see a political system in which there is more infighting than learning how to work with their differences in order to assist the people they represent. Should not such representatives be asking themselves what was their strongest motive for taking office? I have a sense the feminine principle will have leadership there before the system itself begins a process of revaluation.

We seem to be like deer in the headlights, unable to move in order to do what it takes, no matter how drastic, in order to reverse the current warming trends despite the fact that we are well aware of the consequences of our inaction. Commerce seemed to be aware and turned such knowledge to its advantage as a few companies bought up the world’s water rights, secured food production and the drugs and chemicals to keep our dependance and their control.

Soon we will see the super storms, areas that will no longer be habitable and the shifting of land, but we don’t change easily, do we? Better the pain I know than the possibility I could create. But we do move, but usually on the 11th hour when the brightness of possibility burns through the fog of the protective normal. We are already feeling the waves of adjustment and starting to grasp the sense that all is connected. Covid forced us into stillness and gave us a chance to make adjustments.

Perhaps I am so much more than I have yet allowed myself to be and if I allow myself to shine brightly then others will see my light and wish to ignite their own, and the power of the collective light will first expose and then drive back the darkness so we can then evolve, turn this world around, step aside for those younger, more advanced souls coming to lend us a hand and eventually become part of a wider galactic family. We don’t have to wait for the 11th hour, of course, we could begin now.

The Parting Of Ways

We live in a time when energies continue to feel as if they are ever increasing, luring us away from the illusions of linear time, leaving us to wonder why the days appear like a child’s fascination to catching butterflies elusive of the net. We have been informed that transformation is under way, and the effects of it are casting impressions upon our normal while allowing us to feel the pressure of our resistance to change.

Few would disagree that we are sorely in need of it, but the force behind the word ‘evolvement’ for many can seem more than a little daunting, for it suggests the standing down of the guards we have placed about our normal we have worked so hard to construct in order to give form to our vulnerabilities; our craving for definition to cover the manholes that put a lid over the unknown even if it may have drawn to us those that dilute energies of our own.

We crave more expansive horizons as it’s in our nature to do so while at the same time holding back to preserve those self-protective mechanisms, bringing about a juxtaposition that can often cause currents to clash and storms to brew amongst the reflective principle of the reality we are creating. We don’t let go easily even though we are beginning to understand such a position is a red flag to the bull of surrender.  

But assistance is everywhere in the form of bright-eyed children who display wisdom beyond their years and the undeniable lightness now emanating from others who are moving beyond the gravitational pull of their own resistances. This invitation to advance is appearing everywhere as the veils between what was once ca mystery begin to fall,in to fall revealing the commonality between us all. What I am willing to donate of myself towards change will be a gift to the whole, enabling the collective light to increase its ability to penetrate the shadows in which those subdued by doubt reside.    

Of course, the path forward can be rocky to test our determination and to become aware of the limitations we have placed upon ourselves that this energetic poultice draws to the surface for our acknowledgment; those fears that have worked their way inward over time like a shard of glass digging ever deeper, ultimately beginning to fester in order we recognize the disharmony before it influences the reality we are creating.

Of course, we can resist all of this, and many do, feeling that normal is the only flotsam in which to cling in an ocean that feels vast and devoid of definition. We can create even greater illusions to mask our traumas and seek control from others and their ideals, or aspire to control others in turn and inflate justifications for doing so. Over time, such perspectives gain density while our ability to feel the world about us begins to diminish, and our world starts to shrink, causing us to endorse more vigorously the stance we have chosen and the mechanisms for doing so.          
It's little wonder that once women fainted because of the emotional overload, a result of the society that limited their ability to express themselves. History has shown us what destruction can be brought about by traumas that have expanded to emotional tumors. Lives are shortened as the system interprets denial as an expression of the will to live. Reasons to integrate into life about us lessen while the construction of normal intensifies as our fears contribute to its density. The rationale is consistently found to keep us within the walls of the castle we have constructed that slowly begins to drift like an iceberg away fromthose around us who struggle to sense our presence the more our energies are contained.

Without the natural flow of forces, irrationality becomes our modality as we struggle to feel our natural senses that have been subdued by our withdrawal into the ever-diminishing reality we have created. The longer the spider gets to weave such a web, the harder it is to detach ourselves from it; even when those who wish us well extend a hand, we can no longer hear the voices that try to guide us back to the present.  
We live in a world of impermanence, and it’s our observations of ourselves that allow us to expand, and we cannot remain static. We embrace possibility, or we shrink from it and move back into the past to what was familiar to us. We let go, and we float, allowing the current to take us toward that which we have yet to perceive, as change would not be so if we knew its composition. Fear causes us to gain density and we sink until that time when we are ready to continue on the path of opportunity that this short human experience offers us. We can lie on the grass to enjoy a sky filled with wonder or imagine we are looking down and are about to fall into the void. There is always a choice in how we perceive.   

If life really is just a pile of lego for us to construct in any form we choose to quantify our relationship to matter and divinity, then there seems little merit in shrinking from the process to consider that life is simply survival; survival for what? We all exit in a short period of time anyway the same way as we entered, carrying only what we have seen ourselves to be. So, holding back only encourages us to continue where we left off at another time, but as this is not a race, then it’s only a matter of preference. Standing on the side of the pool where all our friends are happily swimming, it’s only a matter of time before we decide to jump in and join them.       

It's my belief that we are on the cusp of heralding in a new dawn of the human journey; how that reality is constructed, of course, is somewhat down to what we are willing to gift to it by who we allow ourselves to become today. How hard we propel a rock into a small pond dictates the size of the ripples that will, in time, reach the other shore. The violence and the chaos we see about us presently is distressing for us all, but so is the fire that sweeps through the forest, consuming everything in its path, until the day arrives when we witness the new growth replacing the old and a forest healthier and more balanced than ever before.   

living Within The Undefined

Space is often seen as the final frontier. To me, living in the undefinable space within and around us and being able to accept and embrace that state of neutrality is the ultimate destination. Why? Because I believe that every sentient being occupying a third dimensional reality, no matter where and in no matter what form, is aspiring to that state, ultimately. The rest is window dressing.

That state of neutrality, non-attachment, is what allows us to connect with the universe at large, and, of course, our very natures, but it can be a long and challenging journey to get there because we are up against all that we have commissioned the mind to construct with the programs we believed would keep us safe.

We are all unsure deep down of the space we actually occupy as we know on some level it is temporary, not our real home or state of being, and as most find the unknown to contain too many variables we commission the mind to construct what we in time term normal — our view of reality and the place we choose to see ourselves existing within it. We then charge the mind to keep the illusion safe and to go to great lengths if necessary to secure our perspective of it. Better the defined illusion than the fear of what we don’t know.

As we go through life we begin to realize that it takes more work to swim against the stream than to allow ourselves to flow with it, but of course the longer we have been supporting our illusion the harder it is to change the program. It's usually fear that installs programs and it often takes something quite strong to help us remove them, and every autobiography will certainly illustrate that point.

There are moments when we can find ourselves through various circumstances paying visits to the detached state that I am referring to but the thought of reality being an illusion constructed solely for the purpose of self definition is usually a concept unnerving enough to see us hightailing it back to our own particular constructions. We would all like to feel that we are living undefined choice-orientated realities but mostly we are like snails residing in a shell built from our own particular normal.

It’s that conditioned expectation of the world fitting into our normal that makes change a hard pill to swallow and that is why sometimes the bowling balls that tend to head our way periodically can be quite large as we don’t let go very easily. That is why there is so much upheaval in our world at present, as we radiate what we are. So much uncertainty, as that is the mechanism by which change is most easily initiated. We are all designed to rise energetically but our resistance is what keeps us at the lower vibrational spectrum and the world at present is attempting to pry us loose like barnacles so we can evolve into the next version of ourselves and when the world about us struggles for definition, that is the time when we become more pliable.

Letting go has been a buzz word for a long time, but letting go into what you might ask? Think of it this way for a moment. We are here on this Earth, on this plane of existence, for a short time presently, 70, 80 Christmases maybe, not long, but most have a sense that there is something more than this. More than just our ability to survive but while we live mostly in the mind the nature of our journey remains often just out of reach.

If we came from something more than this and we leave to go to something greater than this then it would seem logical that part of us on some level would know about the purpose of our journey. Accessing that information is not easy especially as we live in a world where our purpose is veiled. Harder still when we live in the mind and reside in our states of normal.

Observing the normals we have created already begins to weaken our attachment to them and the cracks that appear can be widened by our desire to expand beyond their influence. Attachments are only ever built from the foundations of not enough. The more weights we are willing to let go of the higher the balloon will begin to rise and the greater the view over the landscapes we have helped to shape.

Dispelling the illusions brings us closer to being able to reside for longer periods in the not knowing, the place where trust becomes our compass and acceptance our guide as the only requirement for form is because it is showing us something. There is never nothing going on or happening around us. As we rise we observe mystery falling away as our sense of connection to everything increases. We become the astronauts tethered to Earth but have an overview where separation is much harder to subscribe to.

We understand compassionate detachment where we can allow others to feel our presence but we are also able to perceive what created the drama of the moment so we ourselves do not get lost within it. To live fully in the undefined, that state of true neutrality where our senses and perspectives are no longer colored by our sense of not enough, therefore there is less requirement to continue to attract examples of that.

We move from survival mode to a co-creative one and beyond our sense of separation, no longer resisting the flow but accepting we are part of it, observing everything but holding on to nothing. It means that each moment is encased in possibility where judgement has no place.

Coming home to ourselves shines an ever brighter light on the shadow dwellers, causing them to rise up in defense of their fears, but we know once they expose themselves for who they have chosen to be, change has already been summoned, never fast enough but always at the right moment. The lighter we become the less attached we are to density and the more we gift the whole.
We naturally aspire for change, mostly, but we are having to deal with the very programs that we helped install that slow that process down. We read the book, take the course and go to the lecture and often find some reason why we cannot commit to the process. Something is pulling us towards the next book, the next course, because we forget that the mind has been commissioned like security guards to protect the normal we have created. Subscribing fully to something that might change our lives completely is seen by the mind as a threat and movement towards change is often subtly averted.

Like a computer (which the mind is) retains programs until they are removed, we often call large events into our lives to help us do just that, remove those blockers, and that comes about when we are forced to surrender by one mechanism or another, and then life begins again in a more expanded way. Again, reference autobiographies, movies and books, they mostly carry that theme within them somewhere.

Life frowns upon complacency as underneath there is always a desire to be more than we have seen ourselves to be and a bowling ball ends up coming our way which we call in as part of us wants to expand no matter how many patches we try to put on our normal. The more we expand, the greater the ability to see that reality has no fixed form and we do have the strength to exist within that knowing, as that state actually is our natural habitat in the realms that we will return to soon enough.

How many times have we had a powerful experience away somewhere and returned to what was familiar, only to perceive aspects of it that we have never noticed or seen before? How often have we looked into the past only to realize that we are now seeing the same thing in a different way? When we evolve we don’t necessarily see new things but we do see more of what is already there, which is new. The stage remains the same, it's only the costumes that continue to change.

The people looking at the same painting in the gallery — do they all see it exactly the same way or are there variances? Is there one ultimate perspective for that painting? Perhaps not, and if that is the case then it’s one more example that what we call reality may be more pliable than we were led to believe.

That song that just came on at just the right time when we needed to hear it; the person we run into by accident turns out to be no accident at all. There are endless examples but, like déjà vu’s, we tend not to dwell on the experience with the help of our programs lest it makes us feel somewhat untethered. Perhaps reality is merely a reflective medium in which we gain opportunities to perceive and manifest whatever is part of our growth.

As mentioned, it can be unnerving to send postcards from the edge, to feel unconnected from the previous states of normal that we have created, and be all right with that to a point where we can learn new ways where we become detached while increasing our ability to be present.

There are many who have the ability to question the reality they have created but get lost in the questioning itself, the desire for quantification which the brain is not able to offer, and then instead of letting it all go we can get caught up in the loop of wanting the mind to indicate where we are, to give measure of our process — the kind of questioning the mind interprets as a problem which sends it searching through the filing cabinets for an answer it cannot find, which causes us to question more, and then that looping becomes after a time the new normal and not a comfortable one.

The journey of finding comfort in the not knowing takes us away from seeking and into acceptance; a gradual journey of peeling back the layers as we reveal more of what we have constructed to keep us feeling like we might fall into the void. As we get more accustomed to the undefined the mind gets more used to the idea and puts fewer demands on requiring definition until that time comes when there is increasing acceptance of non-attachment.

When we cross the desert of our own self doubt, what lies on the other side is the opportunity to create ever expanding normals until we no longer require a state of normal at all. We just are. The brain is integral to our journey here but it is not who we are, it's just part of the mechanism to assist our short residency by running a complex system.

The energies that descend upon our world presently may seem to be endorsing the chaos that appears global, but it's a force that is centrifugal, assisting in bringing the inside out; order to the chaos which makes it harder to create new normals in which to hide and so we are encouraged to let go, accept and be, and make ourselves more available to evolve into the next version of ourselves. We are all, at our own pace, moving towards the undefined, that final frontier.

An Affirmation Within Time

The Circle Expands

It’s that time of year again when we gather ourselves in preparation to create the kind of space that we are used to visualizing, but this year we may well find it’s a whole lot more. There will be celebration, but our senses will be directed beyond just our immediate surroundings because part of us knows that the more we give of ourselves the greater the contribution to the whole and the collective is empowering itself to make the leap to the next level of consciousness while uncoupling from those that wish to remain in the shadows.

The higher our vibration rises the less we become lost to the illusion of time and there are few that cannot feel how life appears to be speeding up and the recall of distant memory frequents our minds with ease, for we are taking advantage of this remarkable increase in frequency to clear what would have previously taken lifetimes. Mystery is dissolving before our eyes as we invoke the trust in our own observations rather than those who walk heavy under the weight of their own agendas.

The unseen is now increasingly being observed while the unfathomable slips into logic as we allow our senses to lead the way rather than following like sheep as we once did and this allows us to draw ever closer towards governing the self. Our own advancement, while being an individual process, cannot be that alone if we are all connected. Each move we make is reflected within the whole and encourages others to do the same.

The collective, by their agreement to expand and be available to cleanse, is adjusting the very fabric in which we exist causing cycles to move more swiftly and the wheel to turn more expansively. We are starting to invite nature in as we can feel the benefits in doing so, as trying to fight nature is to do battle with ourselves.

There is no longer an excuse for ignorance as Alexandria’s Library has now been returned and there are very few places where knowledge is not accessible while transparency increases and the word ‘business’ is no longer an excuse to treat others poorly. We are becoming less lost to the mind by understanding its place in the system and how by invoking the power of the self to work alongside it there is greater opportunity for harmony.

The law of cause and effect, as they are increasingly understood, tempers our extremities and allows for a pause in application, and we are starting to see that there may not be anywhere to get to in life save the observations such a journey can offer our ability to grow and free ourselves from the limitations that fear has created over time. We are no longer trapped in a maze of inevitability but free to align ourselves with the inner aspirations that can drive us towards what we strive to understand.

We are a world that is veiled, but we are working to de-cloak ourselves just like the ships that deliberately allow themselves to be seen so we can draw in the idea of a wider cosmos into our normal, and as our collective energies rise there is less requirement to veil the past so the integrity of the moment can remain intact while we observe the flow of our existences.

We are grasping the concept that reality is simply a reflective medium in which we are given opportunity to perceive our limitations and how the body mind and spirit are the mechanisms that allow us to exist in this degree of density in order that we can unite with the lessons we have chosen for ourselves. We are accepting more that science, while having value, is often hindered by the fact that it gravitates towards tangibility while so many of the forces that are in abundance in our universe require more than just the mind to observe.

Such phenomena like Bigfoot are being observed more than ever before because the sightings are mostly deliberate in order that we adjust our normal to incorporate the fact that many exist in dimensions different from our own and have always visited this reality, leaving in their wake myth and legend that we are now observing as clues to a more expansive past than we have previously allowed ourselves to perceive.

Those that have seen themselves as controllers of this world are being flushed out of the shadows by the light that we are collectively bringing to the world and the feminine principle, once subjected because of the lack of understanding of its force, is now on the rise and at last being seen as integral to the balance required to move forward successfully.

The voices of those advanced souls come to offer assistance now they have a global platform in the form of the internet are ringing out throughout the world, summoning us to break through the self protective layers that we have allowed to keep us from ourselves and our true potential. Those that seek to keep us in the dark so we are more easily controlled are losing their grip and becoming more desperate. Standing together and standing in the light only makes their goal of domination more difficult and now the force of the young is being unleashed, driving the darkness ever further back until the time comes when such opposing polarities will no longer be such a prerequisite to growth.

It’s understandable to perceive the road ahead as one descending into chaos but remember it always gets darker before the dawn and we know that humans do not let go easily and so we must go through the period of cleansing within ourselves and the world about us so a new normal can be established and one that promotes the power and omnipresence of the human spirit and does not try to subdue what it does not understand.

There is always the falling away of what is no longer required for growth and as we progress forward balance is drawn to center stage and we at last begin to observe what co-creators we really are and our longevity is predisposed by our belief in ourselves. The less weight we carry the longer we can reside in this most remarkable of places and the lighter we become the shorter the distance to those higher realms where part of us always resides.

The more present we allow ourselves to be the greater the presence we exude and what we give to the moment creates our future. We are now becoming sensitive enough to feel the ripples that others create in their disharmony and we are in a better position than ever to use our own forces to assist others to become more aware of their own.

This is a remarkable time of the great unfolding and we all have a part to play. We don't have access to the wider story so judgment can be a hindrance as even suffering can be seen as an opportunity.
So coming out from under our own shadows to allow ourselves to become all that we can be will make the greatest contribution towards this present metamorphosis of change and give us the opportunity to become conscious creators moving forward, so let’s make not holding back our number one resolution for the most changeable of years coming up.