Dean K Holden
I find myself often writing down what I call bloglets.Short observations that come to me in a variety of moments that get used in projects, posted somewhere or just sit in a note file waiting to be applied somewher. So I thought I would throw some of them up here and use this page as a Post-it Board  

Sometimes it's the thoughts contained in note form that can help to slip through the firewall we have in place that our programs have created in order we instigate self-protection. we crave movement and when we attract it we wonder why we were not moved to action by it forgetting that first, we have to become available to receive otherwise it will just wash over us like a rock to an oncoming tide as the brain will just perceive such information as a threat to our normal and steer us away from it.

We are not so much worshiping a rich and privileged family, but more the state of normal that it represents as we have become used to the need to have icons that seem larger than ourselves because they represent the inadequacy we feel within. Once we are ready to inherit the independence that comes with accepting our own sovereignty there will be no requirement for excess wealth and power as we will feel that in the greater community lies the balance that we will always be a part of. dkh

Creator, I would ask not to lessen the discomfort, for I know there is a point to its existence, but assistance in its reasoning would be a welcomed gift. I would seek a time when I no longer struggle with the separation within myself and all I manifest about myself. I ask that I enter this time of great change in a place of surrender so I may fully embrace the all that I am. To feel the warm breath of those no longer hesitant to draw close in their caring and that the gifts bestowed upon me will flow unhindered to those comforted by their receipt. As the rising of a new sun drives the shadows from my domain may I feel under my feet a soft carpet woven from the threads of gratitude, grace, and acceptance, and may I be unafraid to greet tomorrow's uncertainties with the trust in myself that I am now willing to employ. dkh

We are all universes unto ourselves and yet bound by a common thread so working together harmoniously is not an easy exercise, but one that can carry great rewards for it means that our caring for others will induce greater flexibility in how we chose to observe events, for there is no one way to see anything. By engaging others in openness we create greater opportunities for them and for us, as such exchanges assist in exposing our own limitations, subsequently allowing us to draw ever closer to our own true nature. DKH

I will allow myself to be unafraid to enter a space that I feel is undefined as my craving for definition in the past has always led me to become trapped by my own insecurities. This time I will allow my senses to guide me and not my mind that only responds to training, for I am learning there is no true definition to anything only a canvas that each mind paints upon in
search of themselves.DKH

So coming out from under our own shadows to allow
ourselves to become all that we can be will make the greatest
contribution towards this present metamorphosis of change
and give us the opportunity to become conscious creators
moving forward, so let's make not holding back our number
one resolution for the most changeable of years coming up. DKH

We know that the only way the darkness will surrender itself is through the light we are willing to contribute. This is the final conflict as the last great battle is always fought within before we are ready to evolve into more expansive versions of ourselves. Most sense that great change is coming but we tend to resist what we are not familiar with and try to control the form in which it might manifest. If we are going to contribute to a brighter future we have to make our future bright by illuminating the present with our willingness to shine and flush out our own dark corners. The future is not bestowed upon us but created by what we all are willing to give to the moment.  DKH   

As forces gather it may seem that we are moving into darker times, which we are, temporarily, but what we are seeing is the separation between those who are ready to move on and those that resist change and wish to remain in the shadows by trying to manipulate fear and control. It’s the light that each of us can bring to bear that will speed the process on its way so the world can begin its evolution. DKH

The sense of everything speeding up, the result of our vibrational rate increasing offers an opportunity to clear old karma that is now becoming more accessible as the inside is encouraged to work its way to the surface. For those willing on a conscious level to participate, join with others to help take us ever closer to the great shifting a lot faster. DKH

I can feel the movement and I can sense the changes, and it brings me to ask myself what is my contribution to this great awakening going to be? Could it be that I become willing to observe the illusions I have created for myself in order that I feel protected, knowing deep down that it will place me closer to the all that I am, as well as the gift I will have become for everyone else? DKH

To live fully in the undefined, that state of true neutrality where our senses and perspectives are no longer colored by our sense of not enough. We move from survival mode to co-creative and beyond our sense of separation. No longer resisting the flow but accepting we are part of it, observing everything but holding on to nothing. It means that each moment is encased in possibility where judgment has no place and mystery is observed simply as the residue of separation. DKH

Once you open the door to change it's much harder to try and close it again than just accept the unknowing and ride to the place on some level you have already agreed to go. DKH

The journey towards change begins when we agree to across the desert of our own self-doubt where temptation and illusion abound. If we can make it to the other side we come face to face with our true natures. From there we can become co-creators instead of simply being in survival mode. It's the place where life and ourselves become inseparable. We see that the brain assists in managing the suit allowing the self to journey temporarily in this degree of density, we are not the brain or the suit, we are the I that has understood that when we really show up the journey will begin. DKH

For those unable to see value in my presence I will find the courage to let them go, knowing by doing so, I am opening the door to those who can. DKH

Has it been the force of our positive wishes that has been helping to turn the army defending their homeland into super soldiers? And how this war illustrates ever more potently that where you have a system that allows mismanaged minds to impose their will nothing positive will ever spring forth while the wider story may be one of implosion and those that live by darkness will ultimately be consumed by it.  DKH

It feels to me that this year is not only about coming together for the holidays but an opportunity to engage in the celebration like never before. The more light we can generate the greater the contribution to the energetic grid, illuminating those pockets of darkness that slow our evolvement to the next level of our journey. May we all affirm that the year to come will be one in which we no longer hold back, so our own inner light can unite with those that are also ready to move on. Wishing every one of you the happiest of holidays and the most
expansive of New Year's. DKH

How much of our reality are we constructing around our own trauma? To find out takes a commitment to ourselves to be available enough to begin the Journey to find out DKH

When you are present, you put out energy, when you are not
you absorb it  DKH

If hope is always present on your journey, possibility is never far
behind. DKH

As the energies about us continue to increase, it's like taking an elevator where instead of getting off at our usual floor, we find the courage to allow ourselves to ride several floors higher. From there, we observe how the view lets us see the ebb and flow of possibility more clearly then we begin to realize that another big decision is making itself known, and that is, do we really want to descend back down to the floor where we usually get off? DKH