Dean K Holden

The Presence In Tomorrows Calling

I suspect there are not many that cannot feel that something large is heading our way presently, leading a great many people to leap onto the bandwagon in order to offer their perspective of this current anomaly.

My feeling is that it’s not so much about the event itself but the objective of it. Change is the predominant factor on our journey through this world and the question is always: What will it take for us to command the trust required to embrace it for if we knew its composition it would not be change.

Our system is breaking down because it can no longer serve us where we need to go. Transition is often uncomfortable especially because we as a species do not let go easily. We have to become better people to live in a better world which brings us back to that question again. What will it take for us to let go of the normal we have created, that ‘normal’ that we feel keeps us safe even if we are aware of its limitations.

Nothing remains the same even if we work hard to create the illusion that it does. This is probably the biggest leap in human evolution that we have yet seen, as to evolve we have to break free of the gravitational pull of our belief that reality is a fixed position instead of a reflective medium, only in place to assist our observations of ourselves.

Any advanced civilization understands that it’s only the sum of all its parts, and its interconnectedness is crucial to any collective movement that it makes. It’s been our lack of this understanding that has set us upon ourselves and allowed us to create societal structures that permit mismanaged minds to wreak havoc upon large groups of people and all the suffering that ensues. We only feel helpless because we have allowed separation from self. When we feel connected we understand that what we allow ourselves to become affects the all. We are witnessing a system in its demise because we are evolving beyond it. We are empowering the self instead of empowering others to manage ourselves.  

We are now beginning to understand cause and effect, what we put out so we create and if we have become used to the fact that great change relates to discomfort because we are familiar with our resistances, then we at this time are going to project the worst. Yes, as with all great times of transformative evolvement there is the birthing process, the letting go, but a bright new future could be on the other side of it.

Inevitability is a loaded word as it does not account for that which we do not as yet understand, and we cannot accurately predict the future as it is created out of what we are willing to give to the present. It’s only minds that separate us from each other and by painting a dark future then that is what we will be drawing to ourselves.

The past teaches us that what we understand today may not be what we are able to observe tomorrow, so to forecast far into the future may set up perilous paradigms for our minds. If life is about growth and our ability to see ourselves for who we truly are then we come to accept that the future responds to openness for it holds what we yet do not understand.

Trying to give it too much form can limit its construction because we have yet to grasp that we are all unique but like a choir we sing as one and it’s our collective voices that shape what is required to assist us to reach the next level on our journey towards wholeness, and fear will only limit that process.   

The future responds to openness for it holds what we presently do not understand so it’s our openness that will draw it to us in the most beneficial way. Nature shows us that what is no longer of use needs to be discarded so new life can grow. Even the fire that takes the forest makes way for life of a different kind to follow.

What do most autobiographies, movies, plays, etc, depict? We create chaos, something eventually forces our surrender, we observe that chaos and then we empower ourselves to bring about balance. Life is just a reflection of who we see ourselves to be and yes, something big is heading our way but it’s not a prerequisite that it has to be all about loss and suffering.

We are veiled for a reason. We don’t get to see the future as mostly the future requires an expanded consciousness to view all that is available to us. As in our daily lives, the more open we allow ourselves to become the less harsh the lessons required to get our attention

The future waits for our embrace and the only question that is required of ourselves is: What does it take to gain our attention?
Let’s decide that on the other side of the discomfort of transformation resides the brightest future possible and we can begin to construct that right now through the power of our intention.  DKH

From A View To Love

We all seem to have a slightly different view of what Love means to us according to the road so far traveled. How much we dare to believe that our dreams could be realized — or how much we might settle for what we feel we deserve, as time helps strengthen our belief in ourselves enabling us to not only receive more love but also to then be able to offer it unconditionally to others. Relationships, I believe, are not limited to one form but to all that wish to journey with us without reservation. DKH

What is love, if not recognizing your partner as being a reflection of yourself and helping you to observe your own insecurities until you are able to see them also?  

Love is learning how to give everything of yourself and expect nothing in return, understanding that whatever you give out will come back to you, strengthened in a different form.

Love is recognizing the different values that we may place on the same observations and knowing in that difference lay opportunities to expand our own view and accept there is no one way to see anything. To see through someone else's eyes is to learn the path of compassion.

Learning to love unconditionally creates opportunities to see more fully the nature of our partner which shines through the imperfections like stained glass, helping us to recognize the imperfections of our own.

To truly love is to understand that you can never lose, seeing that each moment with our connection is complete in itself, no matter if it's for the entirety or till that point where expansion withers. It was all as it was meant to be and growth lay in the ability to surrender to that understanding.

Loving is to be able to see your partner at their best even when they may feel at their worst, so you are reminded constantly that they are helping you to become more than you have ever believed yourself to be.

To love completely is to hold back nothing, no matter how much we fear misinterpretation, as love goes beyond the physical, and the denial of it will do nothing but dilute the love in which we wish to propagate our growth.

To love wholeheartedly is to understand that there are no conditions to loving, except the promise to bring the greatest degree of honesty to bear at all times no matter how painful the experience, as pain shared is a discomfort on the way to being released.

To give love fully is to regret nothing, as nothing before that moment existed save the inability to forgive oneself, which is all that holds the past in place. Our hearts are pure, it's only our minds that falter with the weight of the programs our fears have created.  

To make love completely is to agree to surrender everything we have previously observed about ourselves, to become lost in the moment together where perspective knows no bounds and the ability to find ourselves renewed is a relentless possibility.

To create love is to never look towards the weakness in our partners but to their strengths that will in time help to absorb our insecurities and lessen our requirement to feel the need to control, as control is only the measure of what we are trying to control within ourselves.

Love can be a candle that lights the way in the darkness of our fears, illuminating our doubts and sending forth a signal to those that are just beginning to understand that love is the only true road to peace.

The love that we are willing to share may often seem at odds with a world that can appear to be suffering from a lack of it, but those that would seek to cast aspersions on our love in any way, whether in jealousy, envy, or just indifference, are not bad people, they are just people who somewhere along the way have forgotten how to love.  DKH