Dean K Holden
        New Light Through Old Windows

was created out of a sense that we are moving into a time of great change while understanding that information is not always easily digested owing to the self-protective mechanisms we have placed about ourselves. With a backdrop of powerful images and words that may inspire on pages that can be opened in any order, it is hoped that something of value can be taken away. On page 15 there is an unusual picture that Dean took early one morning in Berlin of the reflection of a Nazi building in a puddle of water when no-one was around. On later examination the puddle was seen to be full of people dressed in clothes of the wartime period -- and one person was looking directly at the camera.

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       The Spring in Winter's Step

This book came about as we emerged from the worst of the intensities we endured with Covid. It is Dean's belief that after such an experience it is hard to emerge into the world again in the same manner in which we left it. Once more he has created a book with insightful words and powerful images to accompany them in order that we may have something to consider as we take our first steps in a world that may well not return to how it once was. The only way is forward now, he says, if we are going to expand ourselves to the level that sustainability and growth demand.

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How Stillness Wanders Within the Garden of Unbecoming

-- if change has already been initiated and we are somewhere between letting go of the old and working on how to accept the new. Crossing the desert of our own self doubt can be quite daunting and disorientating at times as the birth of something new often is, as freedom only comes through surrendering up something that has gone before in order that we can be available for something new.

In between spaces is where we dispell illusions and ready ourselves for new beginings, and the images and words in this book may well provide some pointers and subsequent companionship along the way.

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Dean has created a number of image only books that have been born out of his wanderings, largely formatted and perfect to keep any hungry coffee table satisfied

The Shadow Under Possibility's Eclipse

Stimulating Images from around the world that treat the onlooker to a feast of diversity

The Noise Behind The Silence

Once more we travel with Dean to a number of different countries to observe life in all its complexity and delight


Time and I alone, in Whispers

From Europe to America, Australia and a few places in between we have a collection of images that depict the gamit of the human and natural pallette

Through The Dark Lightly

A season of Festivals in South West England showcasing the music and the eccentricities of the English


A Restless Easy

One of the earlier forays into creating a global compedium following Dean's nomadic footprints through interesting images.

Teignmouth, A Portrait

A year in the life of a English coastal resort in the South West of the country


Beyond the Seamless Reach

Several Countries are represented in this collection of images bound to inspire


Passages from the Void

Images and text to surf the mind upon