Breaking into possibility

Are you sure you see as much as you could? Can you connect to what you see around you, and do you recognize the opportunities for growth when they  appear before you?

Are you feeling separate within yourself; at a distance from what you see around you? Do you keep repeating the same challenges, and do similar kinds of people appear to be drawn to you?

Do you experience . . .
A sense of holding back? Not feeling good enough? Getting overwhelmed?  And feeling that we are simply accepting second best? A fear of the unknown and an over-attachment to familiarity?

Do you feel movement inside, sometimes pushing you up against the very perimeters of your comfort zones? It can get tiring trying to hold it all together.

Perhaps it's time; time for movement?  And if we start walking we might find that there is already a path underneath our feet . . .

Our world is shifting dramatically, but change first begins with us, then it begins to ripple out . . .

Are we ready?



My world, Your world, Our world